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Humane Research Australia is a not-for-profit organisation advocating scientifically valid and humane non-animal methods of research. We believe that animal experimentation is outdated, unreliable and causes suffering. We assert that there are scientifically valid alternatives to animal experimentation available that are more accurate, human-relevant and ethical. We believe if there are better methods available, that are safer for human health and don’t involve causing harm or killing animals, then why not use them?
We join forces with those who share our beliefs, to put an end to animal experimentation in science and education. We do this by spotlighting and scrutinising the use and funding of animal experimentation in Australian universities and research institutions. We do this by calling for transparency, integrity and progressive thinking from researchers, institutions, organisations and governments regarding animal experimentation. We do this by amplifying and supporting scientists, researchers and organisations who use and develop non-animal alternatives to improve human health.

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