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The Love, Hope & Gratitude Foundation is committed to ending abuse, conflict and family violence and homelessness through the education & empowerment of all people and communities, irrespective of colour, creed, gender, age or social standing. We aim to provide appropriate shelter, comfort and support for people and animals, requiring a safe haven, from abuse, abandonment or hardship.

The Love, Hope & Gratitude Foundation was created in 2015 and is the culmination of Glyn Scott's determination and compassion for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and homelessness. It was created out of need and a passion by Glyn to see a better life and future for those affected and seeks to help victims in a variety of ways through counselling, advocacy and refuge accommodation for adults, children and pets.

Pre-COVID in Australia, two women were dying through domestic violence every week and one child every two weeks. Not to speak of the hundreds who were injured. With the additional pressures of COVID, these numbers have dramatically increased! Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate by age, by gender, by race, by social standing, or by any other ways or means. The sad reality is that it can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime.

The fallout from domestic violence often has far greater reaching implications for our children and our pets; these are often the victims who suffer in silence.

The Foundation solely relies on the work of its volunteers and community donations as it does not receive any support or assistance from Government or non-Government organisations or agencies.

We are reaching out for your support to help the Foundation, help those in need.

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