Playford Christmas Pageant

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The Playford Community Christmas Pageant is the vision of the late Don Hardy and the first pageant procession was held in 2003. This event has seen around 50 community groups & businesses that service the Playford Council area participate in the Pageant each year since then. We want to see the event grow with the community participating and the public engaging in their local community and the wonderful groups that support it.

The Pageant is organised and run by a very dedicated and hard working group of volunteers who care deeply for their community. Volunteers perform a variety of roles from helping with fundraising, marshalling at the event and many more things that keep our Pageant going and make it the best experience for themselves, the participants and the audience. Without them, there would be no Pageant, so we are thankful to anyone who can offer their support in any capacity.

We are 100% community run and funded, meaning every cent we raise goes directly into the cost of holding the event each year. Fundraising is vital to the Pageant and we hope to be able to see more activities with more of our volunteers in the future to help support the event and keep it going each year. Our traditional annual raffle is a key fundraising event as well as other events and activities organised by the Committee to help make the Pageant bigger and better. So if you see us, please do not hesitate to offer your support.

We hope to see you out there in the community and on Pageant day.

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